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      Also known as screen glasses are specifically designed to protect you from the harmful exposure to blue-light emitted from digital devices.

      Main benefit of blue light glasses is to block the harmful light emitted from digital devices.

      Some proven benifits are:
      • Reduced headche
      • Reduce eye strain
      • Better focus
      • Improve well-being
      • Better Sleep cycle

      You absolutely can. Our high quality CR39 lens are totally safe to wear all day long and our super light-weight frames helps you wear it for longer hours without any irritation. It is recommend to use it every time you are using any types of digital devices.

      We seriously believe its YOU who makes it unique by styling it with your uniqueness.

      Apart of that some of the features which makes us stand out includes:
      • Best in class CR39 Blue cut lenses to protect your eyes
      • Flexible TR90 frames that adjusts to any face shapes and sizes
      • Additional scratch resistance and Anti glare coating.
      • The best fashionable glasses as it gets.
      • 24/7 Support to build a community
      • Premium packaging so even if you Gift - Gift it in style

      You can use the cleaning cloth provided with the product or any cloth of the same to remove moisture or smudge.

      For more extensive cleaning use water with soap or a regular dish liquid with out alcohol and wipe it with the cloth provided or any cloth similar to it.

      We do not want to discourage you with virtual fit instead we provide 14 days hassle free money back guarantee on returns. This way you can be as sure as you want.