Are you tired of tired eyes, feeling unproductive, wearing old fashioned glasses or buying expensive glasses for basic health value.

Yah We Figured!


As digital natives, We here understand the impact digital life have on us.

On average we spend almost 9 hours of our day in front of digital devices let it be while gaming, watching TV, working on computers, or surfing around mobile. This impacts our lives in numerous ways we just don't bother to look at it or don't want to be wearing boring old fashioned glasses. Trust us we understand by experience.

Problems we faced:

• Decreased focus and concentration
• Reduced productivity
• Disrupted sleep patterns
• Fatigued eyes
• Eye strain
• Headaches, among others...

In response we created something we are proud of.


The solution is simple to provide the best in class glasses and to make it affordable for all.

After tons of experiments with design and technology we made something unique with a side of millennials approval.

As we state:
Our Goal our Mission all comes down to empowering your life vision.


1) Best in class CR39 Blue-Cut lens

The technology used in our lens blocks/suppress 100% of blue light emitted from digital devices.

In addition we have following coatings to ensure your peace of mind:
- Scratch Resistance
- Anti Glare - Anti static
- Hydrophobic - Anti Fog
- No mirror effect
- Easy to clean with a simple wipe.

2) Ultra Light TR90 Frames

Frames that are designed to fit your face perfectly and for longer hours with out any kind of irritation or effects and weights just 11gm.

Our TR90 material is as flexible as it gets so that it easily adapts to any face structure.


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